Tromba Trombone

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Brass & Woodwind

Price per unit: $220.00

Make: Tromba
Brand: Tromba

Half the weight. Half the price. Twice the fun. It’s no wonder Tromba plastic trombones are proving popular with brass players everywhere from village halls and school music rooms right through to jazz clubs and orchestra pits. Is a Tromba the real deal? It most certainly is. Our most important criterion is sound quality, and each Tromba is precision-made to a detailed specification developed through extensive research. The result is a range of truly responsive instruments suitable for novice and pro players alike. Made from lightweight super-resilient toughened ABS plastic, Tromba instruments are easy to hold and easy to transport. No more weight-lifting, no more worries about dents and damage, no more un-cooperative cold metal.

  • Toughened ABS Plastic
  • Lightweight
  • Fun and a Great Sound

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