Nux Stageman II

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Acoustic Guitar Amps


Price per unit: $899.00

Make: Nux
Model: AC80
Brand: Nux

The Stageman 2 features 2 input channels with Channel 1 dedicated for guitar while Channel 2 can be used for either another guitar or a mic. It uses a premium 6.5″ Woofer and a premium 1″ Tweeter giving you a clear tone. It has an App that can be downloaded free for Android or iOS. This will maximize the way you use the Stageman 2. It has 12 built-in effects, 8 IRs, and 6 signal bloc routings. The Aux-in and Bluetooth functionality give you the option of connecting your media device with the amp and playing along with your music or backing tracks. To top it all off, the Stageman 2 also has a Drum and Loop function giving you the ability to record a 60-second phrase loop. with Power Supply: 80 Watts with Buil-In Battery: 40 Watts Capacity: 5000mAH Charging Time: Approximately 6 hours at 1A current Usage Time: Approximately 4.5 hours Additional Features: 12 Built-in Effects 8 Preset Impulse Respose 6 Block Routings Mobile App Controller Bluetooth and Aux-in Metronome and Coach Function Drum and Phrase Loop MIDI via USB

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